2021 sees the launch of G Foot - a new apparel collection from Gorillaz, designed by Jamie Hewlett. The capsule collections are inspired by the iconic style created by Hewlett for Gorillaz band members 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle, bringing it into the real word and encompassing the classic pieces worn by the virtual band.


From the experience and dedication of Sadie Frost comes a collection which combines the beauty of feminine silhouettes, the comfort of sustainable fabrics and the wisdom of a practising yogi.

Based on the principle of the seven Chakras, the collection is rooted in the knowledge & benefits of balancing yin and yang. From textiles & colour to the discreet graphic embellishments, every design decision embraces Yoga philosophy that is fundamental to how Sadie and millions of others find their way to restore, refresh and refocus.

With socially responsible production, recycled fibres and organic cottons, there is a deep understanding of what we make and it’s impact on our environment. Nature is everything.

The FROST collection is designed with flattering body conscious shapes, giving you the support and confidence you need to reach new levels. Special attention has been made to skin-soft tactile fabrics, helping you feel as good as you look.

All the categories of a complete activewear wardrobe are covered from bra tops & cycling shorts to body suits & over hoodies.

For those who seek balance FROST offers all the elements of a bodywear collection designed for mindful movement and inner strength.


We create contemporary performance-fashion that flows seamlessly between city life and outdoor adventure. Based in Venice, California, we are inspired by world-class outdoor activities, and the culture, music and art that surrounds us. Our collections blend luxury materials, cutting edge technicality, modern proportions, and sustainable principles.

Holden was born in 2002 by designer Scott Zergebel and professional snowboarder Mike LeBlanc.


Holubar Mountaineering was started by husband and wife Roy & Alice Holubar in 1947 in Boulder, Colorado. The company has a legendary past, as well as the honor of being the first American Outdoor/Mountaineering brand.

Together they created many of the innovations that are now industry standards; being the first utilize lightweight nylon to fabricate backpacks, tents, and ultimately outerwear. Originally born from a love of the outdoors, almost 75 years later the brand continues to create products with the same passion.


Founded in 1999 Ksubi has evolved into one of the most recognizable and notorious streetwear brands out in the market today. And thanks to the iconographic double cross logo that adorns the rear of its denim - Ksubi has attracted celebrity endorsements from the likes of Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

Remaining uninfluenced by consumer trends, choosing instead to set its own agenda - ksubi’s signature denim and deliberate unfussy style continues to foster their global cult following, one with undeniable loyalty. Ksubi jeans, denim jackets, cut off shorts and distressed shorts are the foundation of each collection , sitting alongside a range of premium tees, tops and standout dresses. Progressive shapes and fabrications featuring raw finshes complete the signature ksubi aesthetic.


Welcome to the Neuw Normal. Denim started out as humble, durable workwear . Through the decades it became a natural part of every man and every woman’s wardrobe due to its ability to withstand both the hardship of wear and tear and the temperamental mood swings of catwalk trends. It is the garment that gave ‘normal' an air of confidence and nonchalant sex appeal.

We live in a very fragile age, uncertainty is everywhere. Many things are made to be broken and quickly replaced. We want to offer an alternative to that approach. Neuw Denim - Modern Lasting Products.


Founded in 1976 in Southern California, Vision Street Wear is recognized as one of the original and most respected street wear brands. Vision’s wide influence has stemmed from an authentic understanding of skate culture, as well as its natural connection to the world of music. Vision was the first brand to capture and represent the rebellious and aggressive attitude of So Cal skateboarding.

The brand re-defined skate and street style with its use of bold, in your face graphics on its skate decks, t-shirts and sneakers. And today, Vision graphics remain some of the most loved and well-respected symbols of skate and street culture.


Indigofera launch and grow international fashion and lifestyle brands. Long-standing, successful relationships with both clients and retailers are the foundation of our business. We provide a comprehensive service offering expertise in brand development, sales, client service and logistics. Our marketing offer is further enhanced with fully integrated communications solutions via sister PR agency IPRLondon.